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Do You Like to Build Sustainable Career Growth, and Be Future Proof, Be Relevant in Your Profession ?

Do you want to join and build Sustainable Leader within you ?  I planning to launch membership only "Inner circle" is where renewable energy experts meet to share best practice, create strategies and start developing  Sustainable Leaders within them. And Live Sustainable Life.

Applications accepted for a limited time.

Mahendran R

Sustainable Development Coach
Founder - RDRC

What Is SLH Membership?

"SLH Membership"  is an initiative to support engineers / working professionals / wind energy professionals / Graduates to identify dream jobs, help to achieve Sustainable Career Growth. 

Help them to stay positive, relevant and future proof in every aspects of their life (both personal and professional)

Help them to develop Sustainable Life Goals,  Implement that and Live Ultimate Sustainable Life 

SLH Membership Is For You, If:

You 're a Engineer / Job seeker and want to know where to start your career
You want develop your career in Wind Energy / Renewable Energy Sector / Sector of your interest
You like to contribute to the Countries' mission to achieve 50% Energy Production from Renewable Energy by 2030
You want t0 grow and move forward with a group of like minded Professionals
You want to achieve sustainable Career growth 
You like to contribute to the sustainable development of you, your family and Society
You like to learn more about United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
You Like to be relevant and Future Proof in you Profession
You like to develop Sustainable Life for you

Hear What Other participants Have To Say

Employability tripled

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James Hope


Income increased

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Lucy Jones


Growth boosted

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Charlotte Vosler


SLH INNER CIRCLE helps you to ACHIEVE Sustainable Career Growth

You'll achieve Sustainable Career Growth by being relevant, future proof and achieve your ultimate aim of Sustainable Life

Benefit #1

Understanding yourself helps  to build the Sustainable Career in any industry. Everything starts from realizing "You are your ultimate resource"

Benefit #2

Learning more about the key challenges faced by Industry and the Individuals gives better insight to develop & build best path to travel 

Benefit #3

To Identify dream Industry, Dream Company and Dream role in shorted time duration.  Helps to achieve them in short timeline.

Benefit #4

Helps to develop Personal Goals, Professional Goals and achieve them in Sustainable way.  Achieve Financial Freedom


Learning more about global goals (UNSDGs), helps to understand the road map for the globe till 2030 and beyond.  It helps in personal and professional planning

Benefit #6

Become a Sustainable Leader by living Sustainable Life.  And Contribute to the sustainable development goals of our country

Want To Join INNER CIRCLE Mastermind?

You want to Identify and build a Career
If you are a Engineer, Manager and want to know where to Start
You want to contribute to the betterment of Self, Family, Industry, Country and the World

Applications accepted for a limited time.

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