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Renewable Energy Experts Mastermind

For Graduates / Working Professionals / Wind Energy Professionals to identify Dream Jobs, Build Sustainable Career Growth and To Live Sustainable Life

In this exclusive live web class, you'll learn 
1. 2023 Planning Your Career Growth in Wind Energy
2. MAH SLM Technique to build Sustainable Life.
3. You'll Create Your Sustainable Life Goals

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What We'll Cover in This Webinar

The best investment you can make in your life is investing on YOU and YOUR KNOWLEDGE. In this session you'll learn everything you need to achieve Sustainable Career Growth in your profession and Live Sustainable Life.


IEC Standard used in Wind Energy Sector. Helpful for all Wind Energy Professionals and Stakeholders

MAH SLM Technique

MAH SLM technique to build sustainable life for you, your family  and Society

Monthly Goals

You'll Create your Sustainable Life Ideas and Goals for the month. 


You'll get update on Survey results of the month.  Which will help you to understand many aspects of our Industry

Actions Expected From You

In order to make this learning experience more effective and useful to you. I request you to do following before you join the session.


Be ready to learn  the topic during the session, Research  to share your views and questions before and after the session

Complete Pre-event Courses

Share your Monthly challenges list and networking requirements.  Also share your possible solution for challenges list.

Implement Goals

Watch Free Video  on Sustainable Life Ideas / Goals. Create your implementation plan to successfully execute your Sustainable Life Ideas and Goals.

What My Participants Are Saying ?

About Your Presenter

Wind Energy Expert Turned Sustainable Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Music Creator, Music Teacher, Youtuber, Volunteer for Positive Social Changes 

R.Mahendran (a) Karuveli RaSa.Mahendran

Sustainable Development Coach

Founder of  Sustainable Lifestyle Hub, Resource Development and Research Center, GLD Movement, Inner Peace Meditation.
14+ years of Wind Energy Sector Experience, 7+ years of Training and Coaching experience in Sustainable Development, Music. Written 20,000+ poems, 350+ short stories, 1000+ audio and video content for knowledge sharing and Social changes.  

More Highlights From Our Presentation

Wind Energy Outlook - 2022-2026 for designing the perfect career plan for you withing your organization and / or within Industry 
The MAH SLM Technique : To build sustainable Life for you, contribute to the sustainable development of your family and to contribute to the society
Sustainable Life Ideas : Create sustainable Life Ideas for your life
My 5 Steps secret resources for finding the Certified Wind Turbines Model and Wind Turbine Manufacturers In India
Survey Results Update : Sustainable Lifestyle Hub internal Survey results update.  
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