Here is the tools, software, courses and many more resources helping me through out my journey of learning, implementing, teaching process.  Many of them I use in daily basis.  At this moment I like to thank my mentors, teachers, friends who also shared some valuable resources and information which are now important assests for me.  My special thanks to FOSS [Free Open Source Community] for their contribution to this world. If you found them useful feel free to share with your contacts and friends

Sustainable Development Learning 

1.  Sustainable Lifestyle Hub  - Learn to build Sustainable Development for you and Your family by joining my membership
2. Explore The Creators in You - Courses which helps you to develop creator inside you. My Courses in Tamil & English
3. Sustainable Development Goals - Learn UNSDG and understand it's important in today's world 
4. Global Goals - To know the World's To Do List
5. India's Progress on Implementation of UNSDG - Learn and understand how each States, UT of India is Doing 
6. Learn Digital Automation - If you want to launch your online coaching, training you can learn from My Digital Coach Mr.Siddharth Rajsekar

Free & Open Source Software - FOSS

1. Audacity - Audio Recording, Editing and Processing software. Works in Mac, Window and Linux 
2. Shotcut - Video Recording, Editing & Processing Software. Works in Mac, Window and Linux
3. Freeplane - Mind map creation. 
Works in Mac, Window and Linux
4. OBS - Screen Recording, Broadcasting Software. 
Works in Mac, Window and Linux

Free Websites, Software, Tools and Applications

1. Pixabay -  free stock photography and royalty-free stock media (music, audio, videos) website
2. Pexels -  free stock photography and royalty-free stock media (music, audio, videos) website
3. Canva -  T
o create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content

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