How To Bring Sustainable Development in Professional & Personal part of Life ?

Sustainable Champions membership is designed to help you to find your key focus area in Personal and Professional part of Life. This will help you to identify dream jobs, roles, Company & Industry, Helps you to understand your today position and guide you to develop your new you and attract your best career opportunities. Self-based learning Course and Community access designed in such a way you get your results in short duration possible. 

Who It's For?

Sustainable Champion membership is for you, if you are a fresher, jobseeker, working professional, Home maker or freelancer looking to find your dream job, role, industry, dream company. And If you want to build your new version to attract new opportunity you want then this membership for you.   

If you are looking forward to achieve sustainable growth in your professional and personal life then this membership for you.  

If you are committed to learn and implement the step by step process which helps you to attract right opportunities for you then this membership for you.

If you like to live sustainable life then this is for you

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Membership Helps You To Achieve

Sustainable Champions Membership helps you to achieve the following in 12 Weeks or Less

You Understand Your Current YOU
You discover Your New YOU
You Identify and Create Your Sustainable Goals & Vision
You Identify your dream Jobs / Roles / Companies / Industries 
Build your new Avatar 
Build your Professional and Personal Network / relationship 
Craft your custom resume 
Develop Sustainable Routine
Build Sustainable Development Mindset
Synchronize your Goals with Global Goals
Attract relevant career opportunities 


What's In Sustainable Champions Membership?

Sustainable Champions membership gives you everything you need to start your Sustainable Career Growth & Sustainable Life Journey, 

Courses - You'll get access to following courses  - Sustainable Life Model
Bonus Courses - For Sustainable Career Growth - Career Clarity Blueprint,  LinkedIn Champion Strategy, SMART Sustainable Goals,  Network Building Blueprint, Time Code (Time Synchronization Model),  Value Mapping Model,  Inner Circle Mastermind Vault
Bonus Courses - For Sustainable Life -  DWMY Sustainability Routine, Impact of  Sustainable Development Goals, Global & India's Trend, Inner Circle Mastermind Vault
Coaching - Weekly Live Inner circle Q & A, Live Hackathon  
Community - VIP Group access, Accountability, Networking  
Challenges - Hackathon, Sustainable Champion
Certifications - Sustainable Life Model Certification, Sustainable Champion Award, Hackathon Finisher


Even you are a fresher or jobseeker, working professional with prior experience, or if you are a Home maker or freelancer looking to find your dream job, role, industry, dream company. And If you want to build your new version to attract new opportunities for you  then this membership for you.  If you committed to live Sustainable Life then this membership for you.   

₹ 19999 /- (incl. GST)


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